Love is Love

It doesn’t matter who you are, Love is Love.

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DOUX – Aura Hairstyle
IVES – LeLU EvoX – Eve Skin
IVES – LeLU EvoX – Blush
#Boataom :: Neck-Shadow LelutkaEvoX BOM
lel EvoX Ora
A.G. Mermaid Eyes
[Glam Affair] Koko Lips Toner
[Legacy]Body v1.5.1
Neo_Shunga_2.0″ MEDIUM Garden of Ku
LILO’s FIT – Shape Ora [Legacy] April
VELOUR: Ipanema Body for Legacy – Curvy (Chantilly)
::BLOSSOM:: Body Freckles

Other is wearing:
-FABIA- Mesh Hair < Lilak>
lel EvoX RAVEN
leLAPEAU Elsa Skin
[BODY] Legacy
Sara Legacy Lel Raven
[hh]Olivia Jumpsuit
Legacy Strap-on

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