Who is Trin Morningstar

Something Something Dark Side

I am just a person who likes photography.

I also like to challenge myself with different things. Such as backdrops, poses, and clothing.

Please note:

My avatar is real sized. I am not a Amazon.

“Real Scale” initiative will bring us consistency, as we won’t have to figure out the “proper” size for SL objects, less LI per model, and more space to build on sims due to smaller footprint of the new builds. Currently most of the objects in SL are bigger than they would be IRL due to whatever, like no cap on avatar height or weird camera position, but we’re going to turn this thing around.

Heads and bodies available


  • Lelutka
    • Kaya
    • Zora
    • Lilly
    • River
    • Simone
    • Gaia
    • Avalon
    • Noel
    • Ceylon
    • Ora
  • Catwa
    • Kittia
    • Freya
    • Uma
    • HDPRO MajerEdged
  • GA.EG
    • Mia
    • Jennifer
  • BeSpoke
    • Android Raven


  • Maitreya (+Petite) + LaraX
  • Legacy (Classic, Perky + Petite) + Pushup + Bombshell
  • Eve (Slim, Pulpy, Cristal)
  • Belleza (Venus, Isis, GenX Classic)
  • Inithium Kupra & Khara
  • Signature Alice
  • Lovemomma Persephone
  • Ebody Reborn + Juicy
  • Prima Femme Elite (Busty + Petite)
  • Kalhene Erika¬†
  • Kay body by Misaki (android/robot)