An Elevator

Going Up…. Sponsor: YoUnique Couture Celestia (Dress + Sleeves) YoUnique Couture & Cosmetics Flickr YoUnique Couture & Cosmetics InWorld YoUnique Couture & Cosmetics MP Check out the fullsize on Flickr Wearing: DOUX – Aura Hairstyle AG. Serene Tropical Eyes lel EvoX Ora LILO’s FIT – Shape Ora – April [avarosa] Polly Skin [Legacy] Mesh Body v1.6 VELOUR: Ipanema Chantilly VELOUR: Freckles VELOUR X Boobs Veins MAZE.mods – Soft Thighs Mod MAZE.mods – O-Ring Garters MAZE.mods – Stockings (tintable) YoU By […]

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The Lights

Got the lights behind me…. Sponsor: small : Thigh Tease Find it @ Dollholic: 18th to 18th Monthly Small Flickr Small Mainstore Small MP Check out the full size on Flickr. Wearing: DOUX – Kiara Hairstyle IVES – LeLU EvoX – Eve Skin IVES – LeLU EvoX – Blush #Boataom :: Neck-Shadow LelutkaEvoX BOM lel EvoX Ora A.G. Mermaid Eyes [Glam Affair] Koko Lips Toner [Legacy]Body v1.5.1 LILO’s FIT – Shape Ora [Legacy] April VELOUR X Boobs Veins VELOUR: Ipanema […]

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