Sailor Jupiter Cosplay

Sometimes you just wanna power up the cosplay ↓↓ SPONSOR ↓↓ [Enchantress] Raya Body – Legacy Enchantress Raya Outfit !PROMO – 69L- 20 PLAIN COLORS FOR BODY, COLLAR, GLOVES AND SHOES Sizes for mesh bodies: Maitreya and Maitreya Petite, Legacy and Legacy Perky, eBody Reborn, Inithium Kupra ↓↓ Wearing ↓↓ Magika – Hair – Fiend SHE.body – Kaya Shape VELOUR: Freckles .DirtyStories. Dragon Inside Horns [avarosa] Polly Skin VELOUR: Ipanema Body – Curvy LILO’s FIT April Electroshock Body aura CREATiCA […]

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Desert Beauty

Once in a lifetime you find a Beauty… Sponsor: [Oh!] Savannah Petite – Lara – Legacy – Perky – Reborn – Kupra – Khara. Find it @ Tres Chic Apr.17 to May 10th [oh!] Store [OH!] Marketplace [Oh!] Group FLICKR [oh!] Flickr Check out the fullsize on Flickr Wearing: DOUX – Sasha Hairstyle AG. Serene Tropical Eyes lel EvoX Ora LILO’s FIT – Shape Ora – April [avarosa] Polly Skin [Legacy] Mesh Body v1.6 VELOUR: Ipanema Chantilly VELOUR: Freckles VELOUR […]

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