Laundry Night

Instead of having fun, I’m stuck with laundry. ↓↓ SPONSOR ↓↓ [Enchantress] Sloane Outfit Find it fitted for Reborn, Legacy, and Maitreya. Flickr Facebook Marketplace In-World Store Wearing: ↓↓ Wearing ↓↓ [monso] Chanty Hairstyle VELOUR X Boobs Veins VELOUR: Freckles Add-on [avarosa] Polly Skin – Chantily [BODY] Legacy (f) SHE.body – Kaya Shape LILO’s FIT – April / HEAD / lel EvoX ORA Velour: Ipanema Body Curvy .DirtyStories. Dragon Inside Horns + Webbed Hands (both) + {aii} Love

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Lingerie Kiss

A Kiss is just a Kiss… Sponsor: YoUnique Couture Maelyes Lingerie (Top and Panty only. Maze compatible Stockings at same event sold separate) Get it thru Slept On Sales at the mainstore. Link below :). Only from Apr 20th to Apr 23rd YoUnique Couture & Cosmetics Flickr YoUnique Couture & Cosmetics InWorld YoUnique Couture & Cosmetics MP Check out the fullsize on Flickr Wearing: DOUX – Sasha Hairstyle AG. Serene Tropical Eyes lel EvoX Ora LILO’s FIT – Shape Ora […]

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