Sexy Books

Books have the best sex scenes…. ↓↓ Sponsor ↓↓ ADI Tale Dress Legacy & Reborn Only – 6 Colors ADI Flickr ADI Marketplace ADI In-World Store ↓↓ Wearing ↓↓ Doux – Brandie Hairstyle / HEAD / lel EvoX Ceylon Izzie’s Eyeliner Swallow Gauged XL Ears [BODY] Legacy (1.6) VELOUR: Freckles Add-on [avarosa] Polly Freckles Picasso Babe Skin MODELESQUE/CHANTILLY [avarosa] Polly Ears Freckles VELOUR X Boobs Veins Love

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Lets Rock

Lets tear up the bed… Sponsor: small Natacha Find this Outfit @ Uber Event 25 May – 22 June Small Flickr Small Mainstore Small MP Check out the fullsize on Flickr Wearing: #CHAIN – Rita Hair AG. Serene Tropical Eyes lel EvoX Ora LILO’s FIT – Shape Ora – April [avarosa] Polly Skin [BODY] Legacy (f) Picasso Babe Skin Chantilly VELOUR: Freckles VELOUR X Boobs Veins – Taken @ Naturally Naughty. Visit Naturally Naughty in-world. Love

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