Spa Time

Just a quick picture before heading into the spa… ↓↓ SPONSOR ↓↓ KiB Designs – Saga Bodysuit Find it at Abstrakt Oct 15th to Nov 7th. ↓↓ WEARING ↓↓ DOUX – Valentina Hairstyle SHE.body – Kaya Shape VELOUR: Freckles .DirtyStories. Dragon Inside Horns [avarosa] Polly Skin VELOUR: Ipanema Body – Curvy LILO’s FIT April Oo Morph Skeleton Tail bones Love

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Last Swim

Summer time ending, lets get that last swim in. ↓↓ SPONSOR ↓↓ KiB Designs – Elexus Outfit Find it at ABSTRAKT Sept. 15th to Oct 5th. ↓↓ Wearing ↓↓ KiB Designs – Elexus Outfit VELOUR X Boobs Veins VELOUR: Freckles Add-on [avarosa] Polly Skin – Chantily [BODY] Legacy (f) SHE.body – Kaya Shape LILO’s FIT – April / HEAD / lel EvoX ORA Picasso Babe Skin (MODELESQUE/CHANTILLY) HOLOGRAM Black Strappy Heels .DirtyStories. Dragon Inside Horns Head + Webbed Hands (both) […]

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